«A fate wheel» – one of the first games which you will see in casino online. Why? Because it is popular and has quite simple rules. In a casino round a wheel the crowd which attentively observes of wheel rotation constantly gathers playtech casino games.

Known under different names – a monetary wheel, the big six and the Fate wheel (Money Wheel, Big Six, Wheel of Fortune) – this game is based on a popular entertaining attraction which originates in days of wars on chariots.

After severe battles the survived soldiers-winners usually had an acute problem of a sharing of trophies. Aspiring to avoid bloodshed continuation already among own armies, commanders encouraged gambling  for settling of disputes. The chariots turned upside down scattered on all field of fight as it is impossible more approached for this purpose: the spear was stuck in the earth near to a wheel to serve as a reference point, and each competitor left the label on a rim between two spokes. A wheel strongly untwisted, and that soldier, which label it appeared most close to a spear, won a trophy without struggle.

Money Wheel

Having reforged swords on shouted, the former soldiers have transferred this gambling on rural festival, devoted to a crop holiday. The big vertical wheel about two meters in diameter invariably was present at festivals because even at a great distance it was easy to people to see it. This tradition proceeds and to this day on many local festivals. Moreover, it became the central part of a popular television quiz show in America which shows now all over the world. As you have guessed, in our country this game many years go on the first channel of TV and “Miracle field” is called.

Game rules very simple: players stake on defined parts wheels and if upon termination of rotation of the marksman will specify in this sector, the rate wins and is paid with certain factor.